Barbecue Expo 2022
Barbecue Expo 2022

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Barbecue Expo 2022


18.03.2022 – Start der Veranstaltung
20.03.2022 – Ende der Veranstaltung


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20 avenue de la Porte de la Villette, 75019 - Paris, France

Barbecue Expo 2022

Barbecue Expo 2022

Barbecue Expo 2022 is the unique opportunity in France to meet all the key players in the barbecue world! All the essential equipment will of course be exposed there, ranging from the barbecue to the plancha, including smokers; but also all the accessories, fuels and food, as well as books and various wines and spirits!

Passionate visitors or novice, restaurant owners or representant in the agro-food sector, everyone will find their interest there, on the sole condition of sharing the same passion for good products!

Products ... But not only!

Barbecue Expo is also a festival in its own right where you will be offered fun activities, training sessions run by real experts and numerous tastings!

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